Industry Testimonials

One of the most important aspects of AIGA’s success has always been the industry connect. These connections rise from deep rooted understanding of the requirements of the AVGC industry and AIGA’s capability in providing well trained and industry oriented professionals regularly. The animation association, ABAI also serves as the forefront of major milestones in the fields of Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics in Asia and is spearheaded by Mr. Hanif Muhammed, Director of Corporate Affairs, AIGA.

Online Games has an amazing business potential in India. Creating games at Indian costs and then owning the IP and leveraging advertising and licensing opportunities in the developed economies is a hugely successful business model. Across the world, 1 out of 2 people on the web play an online game, and India can take pole position in this business, with the support of AIGA.

Alok Kejriwal

CEO and Co-Founder,

Talent is the focal point for high end CG production. To the delight of game developers; animation studios and visual effects producers, AIGA has deciphered what it takes to create the optimal artistic and technical core – preparing talent for tomorrow’s jobs. They have been considerate of industry needs as well as those of aspiring artists and technicians – training by veterans; appropriate learning environments [both virtual and physical]; syllabus and specific discipline-wise pedagogy are a part of their successful recipe….Technicolor India has had some very good recruits from AIGA.

Biren Ghose
Country Head - Technicolor India and President, ABAI

AIGA is one of the best institute for game art in India. Quality being high, students graduating from AIGA are able to join game studios across India seamlessly and share their knowledge towards some great projects. This speaks about AIGA being disciplined, dedicated and determined as an institution in the Games industry and is extensively coupled with the big boys. AIGA is my first call for any game art related hiring.

Maltesh Mattennavar

Asset Supervisor, Rockstar Games DDU Unit

AIGA is one of it’s kind institute who understand the needs of the industry very well and have the ability to deliver high quality education to its students. We have had a very good success with AIGA with 30% of our hiring being met with students passing out from AIGA consistently for last two and half years. We continue to work closely with AIGA team to support their initiative and improve overall quality of gaming education. It’s a good step towards industry and education system working in tandem to create gaming as a career by choice, not by chance.

Raju Patil
Director of Operations, Dhruva Interactive

AIGA is one of its kind game development education provider in India. I’m really happy that finally there is an institute that focuses on developing student’s core skills. I was fortunate to interact with AIGA’s core team as well as some of their students and was very pleased to see solid discipline and quality training.

Sumit Mehra

Executive Producer, Zynga