BFA in Digital Art and Animation

In the digital age, the artist’s palette overflows with new opportunities for creative expression in industries that barely existed more than two decades ago. The 176-credit Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation at AIGA is tailored for students with basic computer and design skills who seek training in the latest technologies and the chance to transform the visual landscape of technologies of today and tomorrow.


Students learn the fundamentals of art history, drawing and illustration and apply long-established principles to the evolving aesthetics of computer-generated art and electronic media. Course topics include desktop publishing, vector-based drawing, visual effects, digital print making, digital graphics, 2D and 3D modeling and animation, video game asset creation and development, interactive media and multimedia on the Internet.


Through direct interactions with professional artists and designers in class, hands-on practice at the Campus’ state-of-the-art studios and digital labs, creation of sophisticated and interactive portfolios and professional experience in required internships, students in the B.F.A. in Digital Art and Design Program are primed for careers in magazine and Web design, TV, film and video production, animation, video games.


But it is not just about art. The product design module teaches students to place function over form, the game technical module exposes the underlying technology of how digital art is produced, the computer scripting module introduces students to scripting so that they understand enough programming to be able to develop simple tools, the psychology and sociology module along with the career and life skills module exist not just to fill up a course, but to produce well-rounded individuals.
Furthermore, the faculty members are industry practitioners and teachers, readily available to students and genuinely concerned to provide guidance from the student’s first year to the final draft of the students’ portfolio presentation.


Students in the B.F.A. in Digital Art and Design Program have worked at such companies as Moving Picture Company (MPC), Rockstar Games, Sumo Digital, Dhruva Interactive, Atman Software, DreamWorks, Zynga and many more.


Duration: 4 years. 8 semesters.
Eligibility: 10+2 passed and above.